PPTP,L2TP,IPSec,SSTP,IKEv2,OPENVPN,PacketiX VPN,Cisco AnyConnect

■VPN NINJA provides reliable VPN Services for the various needs of users with one account. Using the standard pptp vpn connection is fast and scalable, and applicable to Andoroid,iphne,ipad, Smart Phones, Mobile Phones and also MacOS Linux. L2TP,IPSec, IKEv2(Windows 7) is available for people who can't use PPTP. SSTP (only for windows Vista and windows 7) is a VPN tunnel with features that allow traffic to pass through firewalls, Cable TV and free WiFi areas that block PPTP and L2TP,IPsec,IKEv2 traffic. PacketiX VPN needs the same client software installation as OPENVPN one, but you have a choice of a port number besides the default port number. Also those are available in Chinese language. Cisco AnyConnect is SSL-VPN corresponding to Andoroid,iphne,ipad. You can use these 8 kinds of protcol with one account.

■We have 3 kinds of service plans. Plan one involves shared dynamic IP addresses. Multiple users share one IP address. Plan two involves a dedicated dynamic IP address. Plan 3 involves a dedicated static IP address.

Online Games, Radio, TV, VOIP, Social Networking, Business Solutions

■There are no IP restrictions with our service. Online games, such as "Lineage" and "Final Fantasy", VOIP access, online radio services, online T.V., Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and many other social networks can be accessed. And also various kinds of business solutions, including FTP and e-mail are also readily available.

Available in many countries including China, Myanmar, Cuba, Egypt and Iran

■The countries listed above usually censor these online services. With VPN encryption, you can access any of these services from almost any location in the world.
■ Avoid a foreign access restriction peculiar to China. Eight VPN connection protocols support powerfully. Moreover, information dissemination is strengthened as "China VPN connection information." The businessperson, foreign student, and traveler who work in China are service of the must. Moreover, since regulation is tightened up by the VPN itself these days, the example and the unstable situation where it is cut in several hours even if establishable where VPN connection is unestablishable can see. In order to avoid this, in addition to various protocols, onetime IP service is provided with this service. Onetime IP service is an effective disposable IP address for 6 hours, and it is possible to overthrow an unstable situation by using this. Furthermore, it becomes possible for connection combination to spread infinitely and to avoid a control subject by preparing much combination of a port number.
■ In China, the situation where it divides when 3G circuit is used, and VPN connection cannot be performed can see smart phones, such as Android, iphone, and ipad. a cause peculiar to a simple firewall problem and China -- what is depended on an unknown obstacle is various. This VPN NINJA introduced Android, iphone, SSL VPN for ipad, Cisco AnyConnect, and OpenVPN Connection. An obstacle is removable as much as possible by using the SSL port 443 for communication. Software is also downloadable for free from an android market or an App store. I powerful-support-support-make VPN connection with Japan.

1Gbps High Speed Fiber Optic connection, Secure Networks, Privacy, Easy Setup

■The service is backed by NTT fiber optic business lines with a speed of 1Gbps. Each plan is preparation about six servers in Japan. There are a restricted number of users per line so the speed is stable. It is not available through a proxy service, on through VPN. Also, for privacy reasons we provide completely anonymous connections. This service is easy to set up and use, even for beginners and those who don't know a lot about computers. Information and instructions are clear and easy to follow. Payment via credit card is also available, and the service can be used immediately after completing the application.

Cloud managements screen who was conscious of usabiliity, such as connection ID of VPN, a password, and settlement-of-accounts management.

■When logged in to a management screen, clearing procedures, such as credit payment and bank transfer, Places, such as download of VPN connection ID, password management, the addition of service, the server change of a VPN connection protocol, contract information, and VPN connection software, dispatch of a variety of information, and an inquiry, and time are not chosen, but it can carry out smoothly. I can manage much connection ID and provide smooth service for the general user or the agency of resale.

VPN NINJA Control panel

News and Updates

※Announcement of the VPN server restoration
With regard to server failure we occurred in 26 days , we have to recover the entire server . It is the customers who use We apologize for the inconvenience , we apologize .
※Notice of failure
But now , Regarding our VPN all servers , failures have occurred . It is the restoration work . We apologize for inconvenience , thank you so I will wait for a while now .
※Notice of Terms of Use revision
On April 23, 2016 performs a part revision of the Terms of Service, we were allowed to add the following regarding terms.
〇Additional provisions relating to the net game, video site that prohibits connections from abroad Terms of Use.
〇Unauthorized access, illegal money transfer, full cooperation to the investigating authorities about the illegal activities junk e-mail, and the like, and, additional provisions on thorough independent survey which made full use of our technical capabilities of illegal actors.
※Notice of access cut-off to Japan Net Bank
In order to prevent unauthorized remittance damage of recent net bank in advance, In our company, we have been cut off access to the remittance screen to the whole country of net bank. We apologize for the inconvenience but indeed, Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
※For the corresponding situation of windows10
The other day, because Microsoft has not promoted an upgrade to Windows 10 in the "Recommended updates", the corresponding situation of windows10 also in our company and, we will inform you of the notes.

(1) for the corresponding situation
Download, is we have about the installation type VPN, packetix vpn, cisco anyconnect, openvpn are available.

(2) Notes
Execution, at the time of installation, always, you must have administrator privileges. Each time, the case is to run with administrative rights of your care, please put a check to run this program an executable file as a change management rights of right-click → Properties → compatible → all the user settings. When you download the VPN software from other than our company, by the "SHA-1" abolition policy, "or signature has been corrupted or is invalid" error that has occurred, but there will be a degree of error that can not be downloaded, the download is Please check because it has been.
※For server certificate error of Cisco Anyconnect in Android terminal
If you use the Cisco Anyconnect Android device, you may receive an error that is not trusted VPN server comes out. Our server certificate is signed by Geotrust company, but there is a case separately it is necessary to cross the root certificate. We published the manual in order to avoid this by the setting. In addition, it is also possible that does not generate this error by downloading and installing the cross root certificate Geotrust's website.
Notice of HP maintenance
Due to the HP maintenance the HP is out of service. We're sorry for the inconvenience.
7th Oct 2015
From 10:00am to 11:00pm
Notice of server maintenance
Due to the server maintenance the line is out of service. We're sorry for the inconvenience.
24th Aug 2015
From 8:00am to 10:00am
Notice of server maintenance
Due to the server maintenance the line is out of service. We're sorry for the inconvenience.
5th May 2015
From 10:00pm to 1:00am
※About our correspondence to OpenSSL brittleness, and re-download of an OPENVPN configuration file
Our services OPENVPN and PacketiX VPN are performing SSL communication using the OpenSSL encryption library. It was announced officially that the brittleness on mounting of a SSL protocol exists in OpenSSL (the software which uses OpenSSL is included) of all the versions in the world these days. So, at our company, I updated the server and canceled about this brittleness. Under this influence, it is connectable with the present OPENVPN in the present thing about no configuration files about connection. You log in to a management screen and I need your help well that it seems that I have the newest configuration file downloaded. Moreover, the OpeVPN client OpenVPN Connect for carrying was updated the other day. Under this influence, with the present certificate, I could not take the compatibility of SSL communication but the phenomenon which fails in VPN establishment occurred. About this phenomenon, similarly, a configuration file will be solved, if re-download (only TCP connection) is carried out.
※About a onetime IP service provision start
From September 25, I start offer of onetime IP service. Onetime IP service is a disposable server with the term of validity of a maximum of 6 hours. Six servers are able to connect in all. Usually, the use used together with the server in use is possible. It is the service which the visitor connected from China uses. If a connection place address logs in to a management screen, and you confirm it or you access here, distribution will be possible by e-mail. Since a connection place changes by a visitor, please advise.
※About change of connection place IP
From 11:00 a.m. on September 5 (Japan Standard Time), all the server connection place IP is changed. Please be sure for the direction which has set up the connection place by the IP address to make a setting change. In connection with this, I maintain all the servers from 10:00 a.m. at 11:00 a.m. There is a case where it becomes impossible to access to a server during a maintenance. Please understand the situation well.
※Information of server integration
OpenVPN, PacketiX VPN, SSTP, and a L2TP server are unified, and it can access now as two servers. Conventionally, those using do not have the necessity for setting change as it is. It becomes easy to avoid VPN access cutting by this using encrypted communication peculiar to China for a long time. This can be prevented by making a protocol easy to change. Moreover, this server's connection protocol was upgraded. PacketiX VPN is updated to the version 4.0. Thereby, improvement in the speed is realizedconventionally. Furthermore, TCP80 port can be used in addition to TCP443 port. In L2TP, Speed increases by specification change more dramatically than a previous version. By upgrade of OPEN VPN, selection of TCP and UDP is possible. In addition, use of 1194 ports other than 443 ports is attained. Moreover, access with a smart phone is attained. But I also unify SSTP regulation is hard to be made to this server. In this server's SSTP, installation of a root certificate is needed separately.
※Information of OPENVPN server & client upgrade
Upgrade of an OPENVPN server and a client is performed. Thereby, it can access now at high speed than a previous version. Moreover, it becomes easy to avoid the regulation from China by enabling it to specify many ports and protocols (TCP and UDP). Furthermore, it comes make VPN connection also from a smart phone by installing Open VPN Connect at a smart phone (Android, iPhone) terminal. It is downloadable for free from Google play and App Store. Please download from a management screen about the client for PC. In addition, the client for PC cannot be accessed by a previous version. Please install new version software. The configuration file is different from a soft main part. Please uninstall a previous version once, and if a new version is installed, put all configuration files into a config folder. It attaches and performs an OPENVPN server's maintenance from 11:00 a.m. on August 23 for about 2 hours. trouble -- although I apply, please give me cooperation.
Cisco Anyconnect client software
We start distribution of new version of Cisco Anyconnect client soft MAC (Intel) and Linux. The OS measures taken of this latest version are as follows.
Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, & 10.8 x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x (32-bit) and 6.4 (64-bit)
Ubuntu 9.x, 10.x, and 11.x (32-bit) and Ubuntu 12.04 & 12.10 (64-bit)
Since these software carries out downward compatibility, what has a version lower than this OS corresponds. In connection with this, We stop distribution of MAC and a Linux previous version. Please understand the situation well.
About the VPN connection from Iran
Regulation of VPN connection is tightened up with Iran now. SSL-VPN is connectable among our protocols.
The visitor of use of Windows Vista, windows 7, and windows8 is connection by SSTP, The visitor of use of the Android, IPhone, Mac OS, and Unix system recommends connection by Cisco Anyconnect.
※About the VPN connection in Windows8 Modern UI
Although there are Modern UI and desktop mode in Windows8, Among these, when VPN connection was used by Modern UI, in browsers, such as IE, the connection which goes vpn server of our company satisfactorily was possible, but in some applications, such as a Hulu application, it became clear that an application error came out at the time of VPN connection.
This phenomenon occurs in the connection software un-installing type protocol of "PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, IKEv2."
This phenomenon does not occur in Cisco Anyconnect, OPENVPN, and PacketiX VPN.
Therefore, when you use Modern UI in Windows8, I need your help well that it seems that I have these protocols used.
In addition, in desktop mode, you can use every protocol satisfactorily.
※About offer of the Cisco Anyconnect Windows8 optimal version
We offer the version optimized by Windows8 of the software for VPN connection of Cisco Anyconnect.
It is downloadable from a management screen.
Although interface has some change, the setting method is the same as all the versions.
Information of a second server start
I do information of a second server start of PPTP/L2TP/SSTP/IKEV2 protocol, and information of each protocol speed improvement to you, members.
The number of accesses to server of our company is increasing rapidly these days by the rapid increase in the number of accesses of animation sites, such as Hulu, circuit regulation in China from for several days, etc.
So, especially at our company, PPTP/L2TP / SSTP/IKEV2 protocol server with many accesses will be extended.
About detailed specification, since I sent to you, members, by e-mail, please have a look there.
Windows 8 Correspondence information
About correspondence of software installation type Windows8
Use is possible at the present version.

※PacketiX VPN
Please download and install the object for Windows 8 from a management screen.

※Cisco Anyconnect
Use is possible at the present version.

※Cisco VPN client
Present un-corresponding. (Although it is installable, an advanced setup of registry etc. is needed. Please refer to an external site for details.)
About IP address change of a connection place server
The connection place IP address of Dedicated Dynamic IP Addresses service and Dedicated Dynamic IP Addresses service was changed.
Although there is a problem in particular in no direction which specifies the domain as the connection place, the visitor directly specified in the IP address should be careful.
Please confirm the IP address which was changed on a management screen.
※SoftEther PaketiX VPN is available now
The current members can use it without ordering. You can choose one of those from default port numbers 443, 8888 or 992, you may ask another port number on request (not guaranteed), and you need install the client software from your control panel. It’s available in Japanese and Chinese .This operation is on a trial basis so the service might be suspended in the future. PaketiX VPN is the service of Shared dynamic and IP addresses and only for Windows and Linux, not for Mac OS. For Linux, you need to download from the softether’s website.
※L2TP is now in service
Present members can use it without application, we recommend that those users who cannot use PPTP. The UDP 1701, 500, 4500 port is used. And, advance joint ownership key system (key name: Because “ninja”) you use, there is no necessity of the certificate.
※Tohoku Area Pacific Coast Earthquake
As the 11th March earthquake hit, we receive enormous damage and are operating with auxiliary power presently. You might not be able to access our severe temporarily We're sorry for the inconvenience.
※Change of the website's name
World line VPN service changed the name of the website to VPN NINJA
※Ending the 1day account service
The service of 1day accounts end on the 2011/03/01
※Ending the service of the Second Server
We are terminate the service of the second server, alternatively we have added SSTP connection and OPENVPN connection are now in service. the first server is PPTPconnetion and SSTP connection, the previous Second server was replaced as OPEN OPENVPN


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Earned hours IP address
Connection place IP changes with visitors.If it logs in to a management screen, and you confirm or a registration address is inputted (HERE), it is receivable by e-mail.

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