VPN NINJA Specifications

The outline of each service

This service has three plans greatly. They are "share IP service", "exclusive dynamic IP service", and "exclusive fixed IP service." By this each, I offer the eight connection methods (it is with a connection protocol). It is set to "PPTP", "L2TP", "SSTP", "IkeV2", "IPSec", "OPENVPN", "PacktiX VPN", and "Cisco AnyConnect." Cisco VPN Client becomes connection software of "IPSec." Mac OS, iphone, and ipad can be used without installation of connection software.

The usage table classified by service (I have indicated the example of those who use from China here)
Service Use purpose
Shared Dynamic IP It is satisfactory service even if more than one connect by one IP, such as Facebook, youtube, and twitter.
Dedicated Dynamic IP Service which cannot perform two or more connection in one IP, such as an online game and broadcast on demand.
Dedicated Static IP The Internet services to which connection is accepted only by fixed IP

OS exception, eight VPN protocol conversion tables

Eight protocols correspond to the following OS's.

The recommendation table classified by VPN protocol OS
Win 10 × ×
Win 8 ×
Win 7
Mac OS × ×
Android × × ×
iphone、ipad × ×
Linux × ×
Solaris × × ×

※IPsec connection of Windows, Linux, and Solaris requires installation of Cisco VPN Client.
※PPTP connection of Androido serves as deprecated.
※Soft installation is required for OPENVPN, PacketiX VPN, and AnyConnect.

OS exception, eight VPN protocol recommendation tables

There are various elements, such as simplicity of a setup, the difficulty of winning popularity of restriction, speed of speed, affinity with a terminal. Please try connection for the following to reference. It has become recommending you order with a young number. I have omitted about Linux and Solaris. Moreover, since OPENVPN is for upper persons, I have omitted it.

The recommendation table classified by VPN protocol OS
OS 1 2 3 4 5
Win 10 PPTP SSTP L2TP AnyC(PC) Packetix
Win 8 PPTP SSTP IkeV2 AnyC(PC) Packetix
Win 7 PPTP SSTP IkeV2 VPNClient(IPsec) AnyC(PC)
Android L2TP AnyC OPENVPN PPTP(△) IPSec(△)
iphone、ipad IkeV2 L2TP OPENVPN AnyC IPsec

※Foundations are "PPTP." It is because a setup is easy at high speed. however, there is a case which environmental restriction tends to receive where it comes out and cannot connect according to a visitor's environment. PPTP cannot be used in 3G environment of Androido. When L2TP chooses a high speed type .

About Shared Dynamic IP/Dedicated Dynamic IP/Dedicated Static IP

In every plan, all the protocol can use this service below. However, if exclusive dynamic IP (2000 yen) "OPENVPN"-connection-does, it will be connected as "Shared Dynamic IP" Please keep in mind that "OPENVPN" is connected as "Shared Dynamic IP" and "PacketiX VPN, IPSec, Cisco AnyConnect" are connected as "Dedicated Dynamic IP Addresses" in exclusive fixed IP (2500 yen). △ mark is connected as share IP.

VPN protocol-Shared Dynamic IP/Dedicated Dynamic IP/Dedicated Static IP
Protocol Shared Dynamic IP Dedicated Dynamic IP Dedicated Static IP
PacketiX VPN
Cisco AnyConnect

An operating port number / Existence of a certificate / Speed

The following information is needed in the case of a setup. It cannot connect, when a port number has a firewall. Moreover, in the wireless LAN of a hotel or a public facility, PPTP has which is not connectable. Please choose the connection method which was in each place.

An operating port number / Existence of a certificate / Speed
Protocol Port number Client certificate Speed
PPTP TCP1723,GRE ------- 5
L2TP UDP 1701,500,4500 X
SSTP TCP 443 5
IkeV2 UDP 1701,500,4500 X 5
IPSec UDP 1701,500,4500 X 4
OPNEVPN TCP 443 or 1194,UDP443 or 1194 X 4
PacketiX VPN TCP443 or TCP80 X 4
Cisco AnyConnect TCP 443 X 4

※About speed
I am carrying out five-step evaluation.(5 is the highest)
When L2TP chooses a high speed type .
In addition, this speed is a test result in connection in the same environment. About speed, speed changes in various cases, such as use environment and time. Moreover, this service is not offering the guarantee of line speed.
SSTP needs installation of a root certificate for client PC by a connection place server.

About IP Addresses

Plan 1:
-Global IP addresses (PPTP/SSTP/OPEN VPN/PaketiX VPN)
-shared dynamic IP addresses
-IP addresses are changed irregularly
-one IP address is shared with a number of other users

Plan 2:
-dedicated dynamic IP addresses
-IP addresses are changed irregularly
-one IP address per user

Plan 3:
-dedicated static IP addresses
-IP addresses are static
-one IP address per user

※Local IP address (PPTP/L2TP/SSTP/OPEN VPN/PaketiX VPN)
Client PCs using addresses within class C 192.168.150.X to 192.168.250.X cannot connect.


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