All in One VPN Pack For JAPAN that integrates 8 VPN connections

■ VPN NINJA provides a VPN connection to Japan for customers in all environments with one contract. Three basic plans (shared IP, proprietary dynamic IP, and proprietary fixed IP) are available. An internet VPN service that can be connected using eight VPN connection protocols (PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, IKEV2, IPSec, OPENVPN, PacketiX VPN, Cisoc AnyConnect).

■ A shared IP service that shares one dynamically assigned IP with you. A dedicated dynamic IP service that allows one person to use a dynamically assigned IP. A dedicated fixed IP service that allows one person to use the fixedly assigned IP. You can choose from three basic plans.

■ Eight protocols cover almost all existing VPN technologies, and can flexibly adapt to each user's environment. In addition, by opening all ports, you can smoothly connect to all web services and business applications in Japan.

Strong support for VPN connection to Japan from overseas

■ Eight VPN connection protocols strongly support areas with unstable lines such as China. This is a must-see service for business people, international students and travelers working in China. In China, regulations on the VPN itself have been tightened, so there are cases where VPN connections cannot be established, and even if they can be established, they are disconnected within a few hours. To avoid this, this service provides a one-time IP service in addition to various protocols. The one-time IP service is a disposable IP address that is valid for 6 hours, and it is possible to overcome unstable situations by using this. Furthermore, by preparing a large number of port number combinations, the number of connection combinations can be expanded infinitely, making it possible to avoid restrictions.

■ On mobile lines such as Android, iphone, and ipad, there are some situations where VPN connection is not possible. It is very difficult to identify the cause, such as a firewall problem or an unexplained failure peculiar to China. This VPN NINJA introduces SSL VPN for Android, iphone, ipad, Cisco AnyConnect and OpenVPN Connection, and can eliminate obstacles as much as possible by using SSL port 443 for communication. The software can also be downloaded for free from Google Play and the App Store. We strongly support VPN connection to Japan.

1Gbps High Speed Fiber Optic connection, Secure Networks, Privacy, Easy Setup

■ Introduced NTT Hikari Business Line in the backbone. High speed 1Gbps.
■ Each plan has 6 servers in Japan. Furthermore, stable speed is provided by limiting the number of users on one line.
■ This service is a service that only those who are related to Japan can join, and we are trying to stabilize the line by restricting access from an unspecified number of overseas.
■ Providing a secure environment unique to VPN. Communication between you and our server is encrypted.
■ The manual has been enhanced so that even beginners of personal computers can easily set it. If you pay with a credit card, you can use it immediately after the payment is completed.

Usability-conscious cloud management screen.

■ When you log in to the management screen, payment procedures such as credit payment and bank transfer, VPN connection ID and password management, addition of services, server switching of VPN connection protocol, confirmation of contract information, VPN connection You can download software, send various information, make inquiries, etc. smoothly at any place and time. We can manage a large number of connection IDs and provide smooth services to general users and resale agents.

VPN NINJA management screen

News and Updates

※Notification of change of connection destination IP address
From midnight on June 1st, Japan time, the connection destination IP address of some servers will be changed. If the connection destination is set by IP address, please change the IP address setting. You can check the IP address from the management screen.
※Notice of line construction
Line construction will be carried out from 9:00 to 12:00 on November 6, Japan time. During this time, you will not be able to access the server. Also, the IP address will be changed. Customers who set the connection destination by IP address need to change the setting. Please check from the control panel.
※Notification of payment system maintenance
In order to strengthen the security of the payment system due to the introduction of TLS1.2, we will temporarily suspend payments for new and continuing accounts from July 28th to July 31st. If your account expires during this period, or if you make a new application, we will handle it so that you can use it free of charge, so please contact us from the inquiry.
※About "Privacy error" on our website
As our HP does not support TLS1.2, you may not be able to access HP with a message such as "Privacy error" displayed depending on the browser. There is no problem in connecting because SSL communication is performed. We are currently working on this, so please wait for a while.
※Notice of server maintenance
Due to the server maintenance the line is out of service. We're sorry for the inconvenience. 30th May 2020 From 8:00am to 9:00am (Japan Time)
※About the use of windows 10 in IKEv2
IKEv2 use of windows 10 can establish VPN connection, but there are cases where connection via our server can not be done. Also, once connecting with IKEv2, we have also confirmed cases where the same phenomenon occurs even if you connect with other connection method. In that case please delete the setting once and reconfigure with connection method other than IKEv2 again. IKEv2 provided by this service is not recommended for using windows 10.
※Announcement concerning regulation of VPN from China
It seems that regulation of VPN in China is being strengthened. Please use one time IP when connecting. Since there are multiple connection destination IP addresses, if you become unstable, please select different IP, please try multiple connection protocols and always select the most stable way to always choose.
※About change of connection destination server IP address
From 1st October, the IP of OPENVPN, Cisco ANYCONNECT destination server will be changed. Those who have set the connection destination other than "domain" are sure to change, thank you. In addition, it may be impossible to temporarily connect in the direction set by the domain. In that case, please login to the management screen and temporarily set the connection destination as "IP address" instead of domain.
※Notice of server maintenance
Due to the server maintenance the line is out of service. We're sorry for the inconvenience. 30th May 2017 From 8:00am to 9:00am (Japan Time)


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Earned hours IP address
Connection place IP changes with visitors.If it logs in to a management screen, and you confirm or a registration address is inputted (HERE), it is receivable by e-mail.

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